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pit stop

We are here to experience everything. I don't know one person who hasn't had some sort of loss, or negativity of any kind. Life is bewildering, punishing, demanding, unanswerable.

It is also extraordinary, grand, alluring, unpretentious.

As a society we want and push for everyone to be happy and feel content. And for as a long as I can remember, my brain hasn't felt happy all of the time. But instead of rejecting that, or feeling wrong for that, I see it as an opportunity.

An opportunity to feel alive. I want to feel as alive as possible and with that comes pain and failure. It also comes with joy and success. How intriguing is that?

I find it so fascinating not only how different everyone is, but how everyone's different experiences are. Their experience can shape who, or how they are. The way that they think or perceive themselves or others.

What would happen if we embraced the negative entities that exist inside our minds?

Not to conduct harm of course, but to allow our bodies to process that part of life. We always have to shove it away. We make people believe that no one will enjoy you as a person if you aren't presenting yourself in a positive manner. But maybe it's okay to not be enjoyed as a person all your life? Maybe that's not always the point? Maybe if we always treated these feelings as something that is important to participate in, and something that comes and goes -- it would just be apart of our lives. We could learn something from it or feel less alone in it.

I've heard people talk about how no one wants to hear about your mental struggles until you have overcame them. They will then clap for you, and call you strong. I see this practice exist.

I want to hear about it when it's happening. I want to talk about it as it's happening.

And I want to remind people that it's not something that always goes away, forever at least.

These feelings aren't pit stops in your happiness. And that it's so very normal.

Everything comes and goes. Everything. Take what you can from each feeling.

Try and embrace each thing you experience -- cling to it and let it determine where we go from there.

All of these feelings and experiences make you.

I can't wait to hear about it.



(not my art work pictured below)


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