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Look Up

Updated: Feb 12

I find myself constantly staring up at the stars when Harley needs me to take him outside just one more time before bed. It’s usually later, and very dark.

I’m no space or star expert but one constellation I'm able to locate after staring up at the sky is of course, ‘The Big Dipper.’ If you’re not familiar with the Big Dipper (you definitely are), I inserted a photo below. It’s the star that I always say resembles a kite flying in the sky. Many people describe it as part of 'Ursa Major' – which is seen as a bear. 

The sky and the stars have become my oasis after a long day. It’s similar to staring out at the ocean, or sitting by a view of the mountain. I love the peace of knowing there's something bigger than you out there. After a day full of chaos, or maybe too much quiet, Harley reminds me it’s time for our journey outside to look up at the sky. 

There’s many different spiritual meanings for the Big Dipper. Many stories of history in which measurements of success were determined based off of the individuals ability to not only see The Big Dipper, but to use it.

Knowing when you need to look up is where your success story lies.

 I think we often find ourselves amongst the mud of life. Pushing, trying to get in and out of one thing or the next. Each moment feels so very major in the time it’s happening. We get distracted in the details.

When I look up at the sky I’m always reminded how small I am on this earth. Everything that feels so impenetrable suddenly is simple. 

We’re only here for a little while. A small section of time, really. Those little worries, feel them fully and embrace them. Then go outside and look up at the sky. Breathe in the fresh air that surrounds you. See what’s truly there in front of you. See what’s important.

See where you can go from there

Sending hugs,



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