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here’s your sign

Do you believe in signs? Like the kind where you feel the universe, or God, is right there reminding you that everything is going to be okay?

There’s been a few times where a song came on and I knew it was being played just for me. Maybe another time where something or someone walked past and I just knew it was a gift to me to let me know I was not alone.

Not alone in believing that everything I want or love could be okay.

Lately I’ve been wondering if I actually know what I want. Or if I’m okay with the idea that my fate is worth feeling hopeful for even if I don’t know it yet.

Living in the unknown is an uncomfortable feeling. Answering questions for other people while you’re in that unknown is an even more uncomfortable feeling.

I think what I’m learning time and time again is that I need to put my binoculars on and look straight ahead. No comparison games.

No comparing with other people. No comparing the past to the future.

What’s meant for me will come. It has come.

I think signs might be something real, or maybe you think they aren’t. But I think believing we have the power to follow our feelings is important.

So here’s your sign. Everything will work itself out. You’ve made the right decisions to get there. You deserve it all.

Signs are like roadmaps to determine where we go from there.

Try to enjoy them.

Love, Rachel


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