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happy new year

2023 was a year filled with a little too much. Learning, loss, celebrations…

What better place to wrap it up than here with you?

I started this year finishing up my BFA. I had one class to go and I was excited to be done. I traveled to New York a couple times to meet with my class. And eventually traveled one last time to give my senior presentation and graduate. Although I was sick during it all it still felt monumental. It’s been a long journey for me to get there

I also needed some income and had some free time, so I started waitressing at an Italian restaurant in my county. That was an experience. You learn a lot about people in that job. And I learned a lot about myself too. Working under pressure, with all types of people.

There was lots of loss. One major being losing my sweet Oliver. I don’t know how I have been doing life without him these last months. I miss him every day.

For my birthday Sophie got me my own private viewing in the movie theaters of Little Women. It was so special! I had my people all there with me.

I begin working in my field. Designing in the real world has given me a lot of challenges and moments to use my creativity for the better. I find myself having to practice confidence in myself through it all as I navigate everything. Some of my logos are out in the world which is a crazy feeling! My art is not only being viewed but being used by companies so they can be successful. It has taken many trials and challenges to get there.

I felt my connection to Jesus growing for the better. Using His radical and most generous empathy as a guide. Using His guide especially during the current genocide that’s happening in Palestine. I pray for a ceasefire every day.

I traveled to Acadia, Maine this summer. It was beautiful. The beauty of this earth is enough to keep me going sometimes. On the way there I also saw the real Little Women house! It was inspiring and magical.

It’s easy for me to lean into the negative bits of this year sometimes. But I have learned so much, (almost too much) about myself and the world and having the opportunity to continue to do that alongside of the most loving family and friends is more than I can ask for.

Reminding myself daily that everything that is needed will come in due time.

Off to 2024!

I’m looking forward to the many moments it will bring.

Write down your wishes for this next year and put them somewhere safe. And then report back here next year with all of them having come true and existing in your life.

Hoping for many more coffees and many peaceful days. A little love sprinkled in too.

Where do we go from there? To 2024 of course! We can find out what it holds for us.

Happy New Year my readers.

Thank you for tuning in this year.




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